Cutting-edge Shock Absorber on handle stem(PATENT no.M358785)

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This cutting-edge M.J. Shock Absorber assembled between bike frame and handle stem, new-designed by M.J., is a light and safe device with brand new utility. There have been five models invented, which include full-time types, Common, Longstem and Shortstem Shock Absorber, and advance types with switches which can lock or unlock the function of shock absorber.
*made of Aluminum Alloy and integrated by CNC process for better structural rigidity and lightness purpose.
*shorter suspension stroke required for keeping bike and rider body center steadier and preventing bike from turnover.
*more effective shock-absorbed design for continuous comfort under long-distance riding and enjoying in riding while passing varied roads.
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Cutting-edge Shock Absorber on handle stem(PATENT no.M358785)