Road & Tri Wheel Set ZEAL ZA60

Brand: Hawkvi
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Area: Taiwan Changhua County
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 Cassette Type SHIMANO 11 / SRAM 11 
 Wheelset Weight 1868g 
 Type AL Carbon Clincher 
 Rim Material AC60 Carbon 
 Rim Depth 60mm 
 External Rim Width 21mm 
 Spokes Aero Bladed Spoke 
 Front Spoke Pattern 16 Total / Radial
 Rear Spoke Pattern 18Total /ZETA Geometry 
 Front Hub Type VR3-F 
 Rear Hub Type VR3-R
Extrme aerodynamic rim shape and unique ZETA patent of Hawkvi ZA60.It is your best weapon of Time trail or high speed situation. 
Indeed the ZA60 represent the top-of-the-range road bike wheels in this segment thanks to their outstanding performance:
the special aluminium/carbon structure combined with the oversize hub and spokes with the ZETA system give the wheel incredible responsiveness ,
more stable and comfortable ride experience.
The Dark Label and ceramic dark brak side wall.That show 
you extraordinary taste and sense of speed.
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