Road & Tri Wheel Set FEVO 20 pro

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 Cassette Type SHIMANO 11 / SRAM 11 
 Wheelset Weight 1430g 
 Type Alloy Clincher, D.B.S tec 
 Rim Material AL6066 
 Rim Depth 24mm 
 External Rim Width Front19mm/Rear24mm 
 Spokes V.P.M spoke 
 Front Spoke Pattern 16 Total / Radial
 Rear Spoke Pattern 20Total /1x (ND) and 2x (DS) 
 Front Hub Type VRS-4F 
 Rear Hub Type VRS-4R 
When creating the FEVO20pro our goal was to provide gran fondo racers and all cyclists who love the mountains with the best possible wheel choice to achieve their climbing goals.
It is not the lightest wheel but  the nearly perfect climbing wheel.Because the V.P.M process makes FEVO20pro safer and stronger.Special material of rim and perfect flash welded process,that is not other alloy wheels can compete.
High strength, low vibrations
The beauty of the V.P.M technology is that it also delivers two others benefits that every cyclist needs when going for an climbing adventure: igh strength and low variable,thanks to the s V.P.M carbon spokes,
and road vibration dampening and vertical compliance for extra comfort, so you can ride longer, further and higher.
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