AM35 650B Tubeless Ready Wheel Set

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KCRAFT engineers focuses on not only the designing features of our wheels but also the reliability, producing the strongest, lightest, stiffest, and fastest wheels possible. Our engineers routes carbon fiber around the spoke and valve stem holes to increase the strength of each hole, which allows a lighter spoke face in the rim while maintaining the maximum strength. As a result, our spoke holes can withstand higher spoke tensions while reducing the risk of spoke pull-through during the building process as well as during on the road.
In our effort to achieve smooth braking, KCRAFT moulds the textured braking surface into the rim, which ensures that the rim’s braking performance is not compromised over the period of usage. KCRAFT textured braking surface allows a more positive engagement and better braking in all conditions. Our team focuses highly on the quality control of every rim we produce, and ensures each rim is as flat and round as possible.
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