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1.The arraying feeder outlet can be arranged either on the left or right side to meet customer specifications. 
2.The filling feeder is a filling processing feeder which can economize manpower.
3.The ladder size of conveyer belt can be altered to fit the material dimension. 
4.Piano key pad prevents material leakage even with the thinnest material conveyed. 
5.The conveying link operates steadily because of its integrative shaping and no inner chain. 
6.The funnel filling device meets ergonomic standards and is the first low filling port design in Taiwan. 
7.The feeder has full-load stopping and no-load starting sensors. 
8.The feeder height is pre-determined by the user's requirements.
9.The machine made available on customer's request.​
10.Our factory also provide ball filling feeder, welcome to inquire.
Feeding Power:1/4HP
The Feeder Size:1300mm*800mm*2000mm
(Customized will be different.)
The Feeder Weight:150KGS 
(Customized will be different.)
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ARRAYING FEEDER Hi-Speed Auto Thread-tapping Machine