Automatic Round Rod Fedder AF-80

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Automatic Round Rod Feeder
Designed and buit well suited for automatic feeding workpiece materials such as wood bar, Acrylic, Bakelite and metal bar……etc.
Conventional trouble as feed speed not synchronize, easy wear on conveyor belt, or low production efficiency…… Now all trouble can be full solved with the AF-80 Automatic Round Rod Feeder.
Easy synchronized speed adjustment by simply turning speed adjust knob.
Number of stick in feed chute may be preset, thus saves considerable time of stick travel in feeder itself.
While AF-80 attached to two or more Round Rod Sanding Machine (CF-80B, or CF-80B2) what the operator need to do is loading stick into the hopper loader, the machines will perform a completely automatic sandin operations. Thus makes one operator can attend more machines.
While AF-80 is in application with Wood Bead Lathe, it help the lathe to increase production efficiency in dead turning operations.
Compact constructed throughout saves mounting space.
Flat conveyor belt eliminate troublesome centering problem.
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