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IDC/Pro-Lite Speed Wheelset

The IDC/Pro-Lite Speed Wheelset incorporates Shutter Precision hub dynamo wizardry, Pro-Lite wheel building technology and artisanship as well as IDC ingenuity. based on Pro-Lite’s field tested, proven and highly acclaimed 1500g 700c Bracciano wheelset, the Speed is a lithe 1,815 grams (w/o QRs). With identical rear wheels, the Speed’s key departure from the Bracciano is the 24h Shutter Precision SV-8 hub dynamo replacing the Bracciano’s 20h standard front hub. Afficinados of wheel technology will of course note that the "weight gain" of some 300 grams mainly at the "center" of the wheel means that the extra weight will not affect the "snappiness" of the wheelset under acceleration in the manner that it would if it were at the crucial "leveraged rotating mass of a wheelset" i.e. at the rims. The Speed is the lightest high performance hub dynamo wheelset we are aware of. Indeed, the Speed is the only competition oriented production dynamo wheelset we are aware of. Frankly, the Speed compares favorably even vis-à-vis – "high-end" non-hub dynamo – wheelsets in terms of weight and stiffness.

Light-weight, stiff and durable like the Bracciano, the Speed’s SP hub dynamo and mirror polish rims make it a functionally and physically attractive choice for the audax, brevet, randonée, Grand Fondo, cyclosportive and gravel riding communities of cycling. Confident in its ruggedness, Pro-Lite recommends this wheelset even for cyclocross. At its competitive price, it is hard to imagine a more versatile training wheelset than the Speed for any discipline requiring 700c wheels and night-time riding. The Speed is the proverbial boon companion to the spirited commuter.

Although IDC normally favours box style rims for comfort, the reality is that given the same about of material, V-section rims can be made lighter and stiffer. Laced to a minimalist 24 double-butted high strength aero spokes both front and rear, the Speed’s Pro-Lite Bracciano A27 rims reduce wind resistance which is a more significant factor under the high speed riding that this wheelset is designed for. Despite heat treatment (for stiffness and strength) and flash welding (for strength, durability and beauty), cyclists will appreciate the comfort provided by the relatively mild V-section in the Bracciano rims … particularly over longer rides.

The IDC/Pro-Lite Speed Wheelset: light, stiff and durable − and normally out front. The IDC/Pro-Lite Speed Wheelset: light, stiff and durable − even when behind. The IDC/Pro-Lite Speed Wheelset: guaranteed to (occasionally) dazzle the competition with its high polish mirror finish aero rims.


Weight: F: 950g R: 865g Pair: 1815g (w/o QR)

Build: These wheels have been meticulously engineered by highly experienced wheel builders at Pro-Lite (who also produce wheels for some of the most exclusive competition oriented brands). Legend has it that an offer to provide OEM wheels for a certain well known Italian component manufacturer was even refused by the "Boss" on grounds of moral principle ... which is rare these days. By “engineered” we mean that the precise spoke tensions to which each wheel is built takes into account the specific characteristics of the rims, spokes, nipples and hubs employed. Getting a wheel true on the stand is a relatively simple thing to do ... talk to any LBS. Developing a wheel that "stays" true under rigorous labratory testing, (ask wheel companies about lateral stress testing) and reality testing under "competitive riding conditions", is rather different. Notably, the specification spoke tensions for the front wheel as well as the drive and non-drive side of rear wheels each differ and have been calibrated to optimise stiffness, resilience and thus durability. Indeed, each wheel must pass through a rigorous Pro-Lite QC process requiring:
Complete hand lacing and tensioning.
Stressing (by specialized equipment) and re-truing by hand a minimum of three times to “seat” the build. (Due to the Speed's aero spokes, “twisting” is essentially not possible as any twisting is immediately visible due to the flat profile of the spokes.)
Beyond the minimum three rounds of stressing and re-truing, each wheel is also subject to inspection for evenness in spoke tensions. This is the CRUCIAL, often overlooked and essentially “invisible” element determining the long-term durability of a bicycle wheel. (An evenly tensioned wheel is better able to disperse shocks from road imperfections “throughout” the wheel rather than stressing a number of highly tensioned spokes which are then more likely to loosen or break.) Pro-Lite takes this step further requiring the inspection of each and every spoke with a DT-Swiss spoke tension meter which each and every one of its wheelsmiths are required to re-calibrate each and every morning for accuracy.
Rim: Pro-Lite Bracciano A27 flash-welded 6066 clincher with high polish mirror finish.

Front hub: Shutter Precision SV-8 hub dynamo (367g w/o QR). This is the lightest and most efficient hub dynamo for this application.

Rear hub: Pro-Lite Bracciano with high polish mirror finish incorporating five separate Japanese EZO angular contact sealed bearings.

Freehub type: Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11(Shimano) speed compatible.

Axle Width (OLD): 100mm front and 130mm rear.

Spokes: Pro-Lite 2.2mm double butted Sandvik stainless steel aero spoke (30% stronger than industry standard). The non-drive side of the rear wheel also comes complete wtih Pro-Lite's patented spoke braces for additional stiffness and strength.

Nipples: Alloy 14G.

Lacing: Both front and rear are 24h laced 2-cross. 
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