Gripfast- Stem Shock Absorber

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Have latest "Gripfast" Stem Shock Absorber you could far away Joint sports injuries, dangerous of downhill crash. Do you want to enjoy safely and comfortably riding experience? Have you ever has riding problem?
Special instructions, general fork suspension stroke of 55mm ~ 140mm, and Gripfast Stem Shock Absorber travel is only 14mm short trip, on behalf of the center of gravity in an instant braking small changes, of course, is not easy to roll-over.

Since the Gripfast Stem Shock Absorber mounted on the faucet, there are so many advantages that how never heard of it?

Because the Gripfast Stem Shock Absorber technology is very difficult, it is inventor Mr. Luo Shi dian, after years of research, the calendar after numerous failures, and finally invented this patent. 
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Gripfast- Stem Shock Absorber