Infinite Vibrating Fitness Roller

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Model Name : Infinite Vibrating Fitness Roller
Item No. : CON-YG018-3(Blue& Camouflage)- Outside PU roller
               CON-YG019-2(Purple& Candy) - Outside PU roller
               CON-YG020-3(Black& Camouflage) - Outside ultra-firm roller
Power : Lithium‐ion battery
Unit size : Outside PU roller 33.7*14cm
                Vibration roller 30*10cm
Unit weight : Outside PU roller 500g
                      Vibration roller 700g
Hardness : Outside PU roller 30 Shore(Purple &Blue)
                 Outside ultra-firm roller 60 Shore (Black)
Packing : Gift box:35.5*14.5*14 c m
Stretch muscles and increase body flexibility
Improve muscular strength
Massage and relax tense muscles
Release pressure and relieve burden of body
Improve physical coordination and train equilibrium
Invigorate vibrations promote blood circulation
Uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance
Built-in 3 mode vibration helps relax your muscles so the roller’s bumps and ridges can deliver a more  effective massage
Ideal for beginners, fitness enthusiasts and expert athletes alike; use pre- and post-workout
Raised bumps and smooth ridges work to gently stretch soft tissue and release lactic acid build-up for  faster muscle recovery
Let you target specific muscle areas, such as quadriceps, buttocks, IT bands, hamstrings, feet and back
Helps release tension, increase blood flow, and improve flexibility and range of motion
Accelerate muscle recovery
Alleviate muscle pain
Reduce heart rate
Increase flexibility
Improve bloody-circulation
Promote better sleep
Concern patent design and made in Taiwan

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Infinite Vibrating Fitness Roller