Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercoms MR-200BT (Radio / Audio Integration System)
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Brand: Wintec
Model: MR-200BT
Specifications: 69(H)×80(W)×28(D) mm
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: N/A
Supply Amount: N/A
Delivery: Shipment within 30 days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Taipei City
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-09-07 17:31
Area: Taiwan Taipei City

.Dual band design covering 136 ~ 175 and 400 ~ 520MHz Max.10W RF output power. ( FRS / GMRS / PMR446..... )

.Integrate Rider and Passenger intercom.

.AUX-in supported such as radar speed detector, GPS and MP3.

.Waterproof design.

.Waterproof and extensional control box.

.Main unit with compact and flat design for saving space.

.70% space of the main unit with aluminum material for durable rigid use and better heat sink.

.External motorcycle uses dual-band antenna to improve communication range.

.High strength low loss antenna wire to reduce signal attenuation.

.Universal antenna base.

.Main unit with enforced noise-cancelling circuit design.

.Full function wireless support Include radio communications, intercom external audio input (such as GPS navigation, radar detection...).

.External installation is user friendly.

.Standard design, good compatibility with third-party Bluetooth headsets (ex: Uclear, SENA, Interphone...).

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