CDX-615(M)The Butterfly And The Sword

Brand: CarDex
Standard: 9.2*11*0.75
Price: N/A
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Deliver: In 30 days
Area: Taiwan New Taipei City
Expiry: Long-term
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 “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the famous works of William Shakespeare. It’s about two teenagers who met each other in the party and then fell in love. However, it became a tragedy due to the hatred of their two families and several unfortunate coincidences between them. 
The combination of the sword and butterfly is a contradiction, just like the love between Romeo and Juliet. The concept of this product combines the softness of butterfly and the hardness of sword, therefore it shows the beauty of contradiction. By placing it on your car, it can highlight your taste and sense of beauty in automobiles. You’ll definitely become the center of attention. 
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