PES10 Scattering Transparency Insulation Screen (No trip)

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1. Heat retention and Energy-saving: PES10 has high light transmission, and reduces heat lose efficiency. Meanwhile, it is suitable for daytime and light because AAS is high heat retention and energy-saving.

2. Ventilation: The knitting structures of PES protect the screen from dews by allowing sufficient airflow, and avoid growing moss. The screen will stay clean after using several years.

3.PES10 Scattering Function: The whole incident light scattering prevents crops from canopy burns. At the same time, crops can be provided for sunlight from different angels.
4. Anti-UV and Clean: PES is a highly UV stabilized product. The screen will stay clean and efficient for many years.

5. Stable Performance: The materials of anti-UV stabilizer added with the common chemical substances used in the greenhouse have a resistance. The contraction rate of the product is less than 2.0% under 70℃for two hours.

6. Small Occupation: PES10 is very soft and easy to be folded. It is ensure a small size for maximum available light when collecting the screen.

Model and Data

Product Model Shading Rate Energy-saving
PES10 16% 43%
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