Knitted Shade Net (Round)

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1. Strong and Durable: R shading net series is knitted by high strength black monofilament woven. It prevents from insects, and rain, frost and falling objects which endanger to greenhouse construction and plants. It is a type of more economies product.

2. Long Life: Anti-UV and anti-shrinkage additives are added in PEN that it overcomes the disadvantages of traditional black knitted mesh contraction, unstable shading rate, and fast aging, crisp and friable. Moreover, alkaline chemical substances have a role in resistance.

3. Cooling Efficiency: In the hot summer, PEN shading net can decrease 3-5℃ of the greenhouse.

4. Decreasing Crop Radiation: In winter, shading net also can decrease heat radiation from inside the greenhouse to outside, allowing frosting hazard on the greenhouse lower the least.
Model and data:

Product Model Shading Rate
R50 50%
R60 60%
R70 70%
R80 80%
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