ASS Aluminum Foil Shading & Energy-saving Screen

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Model:AAS45 / AAS55 / AAS65 / AAS75 / AAS85

Statement:Closed-cell Insulation Shading Screen
Functions: Insulation and energy-saving, shading and reflection, controlling sunlight


 1. Reflection and Transmission: Through the reflection and transparency of aluminum and transparent polymer, cooling in the daytime and  heat retention in night time. It forms an excellent indoor climate condition and lowers the energy fee.
2. Moisturizing and anti-condensation: The knitting structure allows moisture to transmit, avoiding dewing under the screen.
3. Long Life: High anti-UV and antistatic properties.The applied UV-stabilizers are resistant to all common chemicals used in greenhouses.
4. Stable Performance: Special formula and crafts, excellent pure aluminum foil ensures that dealumination will not occur. The contraction rate does not more than 0.1% under 70℃.
5. Small Occupation: The special knitting structure makes AAS be folded easily. It is ensure a small size for maximum available light when collecting the screen.

Model and data:
Product Model Shading Rate Energy-saving
AAS45 45% 52%
AAS55 55% 57%
AAS65 65% 62%
AAS75 75% 67%
AAS85 85% 72%
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