F1350D Vibration Reduced Industrial Air Saw

Brand: Flawless Concepts
Price: N/A
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Deliver: In 75 days
Area: Taiwan New Taipei City
Expiry: Long-term
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Patented Vibration Reduced Mechanism: low vibration for operator's comfort.
Patented Universal Swivel Air Inlet for the best maneuverability of the tool.
Excellent sawing work of various materials: Trims or shapes sheet metal, plastics, plates, fiberglass, plywood, or cut pipe, rod, bar in any place.
Available anywher:in oil tank, in mining tunnel, in construction site, in water, for rescue work, in car accident, etc.
Most versatile maintenance tool- used throughout industry.
Few moving parts means breakdowns are virtually eliminated- ensuring total reliability and long trouble- free service.
Special alloy steel made Nosepiece ensures the highest level of durability.

Use in Navy, Air Force, Ministry of Defense-Army, Shipyard, Railway, Garages, Coal Mines, Oil Rigs, Power Stations, Petrochemicals, Public Transport Facilities, Emergency Rescue, etc.

SPEED:                                12
00 BPM

STROKE:                             45 mm

AIR CONSUMPTION:     150 L/min
AIR PRESSURE:                 6 - 9 bar

WEIGHT:                             2.8 kg

NOISE LEVEL:                    83 dBA

Vibration:                          5 m/S2

Accessories:                     300mm 14TPI&8/12TPI saw blade, swivel, oiler pot, 3mm hex wrench, hand grip

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