HIWIN E2 Series(Self lubrication Kit for Linear Guideway)

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Cost reduction:
Save costs by reducing oil usage and maintenance. Clean and environmental friendly: Optimized oil usage prevents leaking, making it the ideal solution for clean working environments.

Long lasting and low maintenance: Self-lubricating block is maintenance free in most applications.

No installation limitations:
The linear guideway can be lubricated by E2 self-lubricating module irrespective of mounting directions.

Easy to install and remove:
The cartridge can be added or remove from the block even when the guideway is installed on a machine.

Different oil can be used:
The replaceable oil cartridge can be refilled with any approved lubrication oil depending on different application environments.

Applications for special environments: Sealing grease into the block leads to better lubrication effects especially in dusty, or wet environments.

Automation machinery Manufacturing machinery:
Injection molding, printing, paper manufacturing/converting, textiles sewing/weaving, food processing, wood

cutting/finishing Electronic machinery:
Semiconductor manufacturing, robotics, X-Y table, measuring and inspection equipments

Other equipment:
Medical X-ray/MRI/CAT- scan, transportation, construction 
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