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McFashion is a professional manufacturer of various cushions, we are capable of R&D technic and creativities, cooperate with leading companies in multiple fields and the products extensively applied to different industries, such as: garments(sportswears), bra accessories, sports products, medical products, 3C products, furniture/bedding products, and body care/skin-contact products. 
Processes and products include: 
eco-friendly and non-toxic materials for anti-slip processing, cushions for various sports protectors, cushioning pads for bike wears, seat pads for adjusting sitting posture, ergonomic pillows, support pads for knee protectors, particular shoe pads, functional pads for helmets, Flextex (fabric on two sides and with silicone in the middle), invisible silicone tapes, materials of pads and shoulder straps for bra, invisible bra pads, nipple covers, gaming mouse pads, screen wipers, hooks with stick-on-and-off silicone adhesive, stick-on curtains for car windows, other TPU/TPE processes and silicone applications, and development of materials for different soft cushioning pads. 
Design -->Creating Mold --> Production. McFashion is working with customers with comparable and professional technic. We make the products more comfortable and increase its value for customers. 
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Sewing High Frequency Processing Ultrasonic Processing Filling Air Pad Shoe Pad Elastic Cords Flextex(Fabric)