Motorcycle Grips HA-311CP

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Area: Taiwan Tainan City
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 We are professional manufacturer of Motorcycle Parts in Taiwan, providing Motorcycle Grips and Scooter Grips with superior quality.

Motorcycle Grips - Applicable to Heavy Duty Motorcycle or to Harley Davidson Motorcycle, ex. Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha. We prepare two Handlebars size 22.2 & 25.4(mm) or 25.4 & 28.5(mm) for Populace market, and we always made it in Taiwan to expect to get cost down, and best quality of products. The company holds more than 20 years of achievement and experience of the production of superior quality, successful in Japan, Europe and the United States market to get favor, and became the only manufacturer of international manufacturers in Taiwan. Motorcycle Grips in addition to the gorgeous appearance to be more focus on security, whether the production of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy are in compliance with international standard specifications. More products, the production of chrome standard or anodized or black painted will be able to fit the needs of customers.
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