Hand Crank e-Tricycle (e-3C) Joy168+

Brand: Dienatronic
Price: 2300.00 USD/JOY168+
Min quantity: 22 JOY168+
Deliver: In 30 days
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2017-03-27 11:32
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The designed for e-3C is concept for physically challenged individuals. Aim to help those individuals get on the road with family and/or be a cyclist to enjoy the outdoor nature/sports.  e-3C had won d&i awards 2014, its appear as an elegant ordinary tricycle but magnificent functionality combines with Motor Power aid.  Taiwan Ministry of Interior Resource Portal of Assistive Technology authenticate and recommended e-3C can concurrent with the prevention of cardiovascular disease, ideal for muscle atrophy, increase muscle strength in patients’ rehabilitation

7-Speed Derailleur , Motor Power Assist 5 Stages , 36V 250W Gear Hub Motor , Rate Torque 12Nm , Max Torque 50~60Nm , Speed Sensor , Controller , LCD Console , Brake Lever , Front Caliper Brake ,  Rear Drum Brake , Parking Lock.

Seating to ground: 550mm
Max Distance Seating to Head Tube: 280mm
Pedaled T Bar 110mm
Crank Length 180mm
Adjustable Footrest Angle
Crutch Holder (Can)
Max Battery Storage Space: 3 units
Head Light
Light Reflector
Wireless Direction Light (optional)



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Hand Crank e-Tricycle (e-3C) Joy168+ Controller - JOY-NHC36G Planetary Gear Hub Motor (for front wheels) - 250JOY01 Planetary Gear Hub Motor (for Rear Wheels)- 250JOY02 Direct Drive Motor- 500JOY01 Direct Drive Motor - 250JOY06 LCD Console - J-LCD-5-1 LCD Console - J-LCD-5