Ultrasonic Pestrepeller

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Ultrasonic Pestrepeller / mole repeller / mole chaser / mole away

Product Feature:


ULTRASONIC PESTREPELLER effectivly changes the living environment of rats,
mice and other common pests. It is an effective, safe and risk-free way
to get rid of those pests from your home. The sturdy detachable bracket of
the device allows multi-angle setting of ULTRASONIC PESTREPELLER for obtaining
the most effective result of pest control.
Ultrasonic Pestrepeller / mole repeller / mole chaser / mole away
Product Specifications:

Safe: No more dangerous poison
Risk-Free: Harmless to humans and general pets
Clean: No more toxic chemicals and messy traps
Effective range: 3,500 to 4,500 square feet (unobstructed)
Economic: Power consumption of less than 1.5 watts
Convenient: Just plug in electric-outlet
Build-in LED indicator to confirm proper operation.
Equipped with adjustable detachable bracket for multi-angle setting.
Frequency range: 20,000 Hz to 27,000 Hz (Continuously variable) * Output sound pressure: 130 dB (approximatly)
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