effective, eco-friendly, no re-fill mosquito trap and kill flying insects

Brand: I'M TRAP
model: LS-217
Specifications: power by adaptor 100-240VAC supplied
Price: N/A
Min quantity: 1008 Piece
Deliver: In 45 days
Area: Taiwan Taipei City
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2012-02-17 10:59
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 I'M-TRAP Intelligent Mosquito Trap can trap and exterminate flying nuisance effectively, quietly and hygienically.
Flying insect affected: Mosquitoes, black flies, no-see-ums, biting midges, ..,etc.


·       Apartments, houses, supermarkets, basements, garages, any indoors

·       Patios, porches

·       Garden, lawn and yard

·       Any place with accessible electricity


·       High efficiency, low power consumption

·       Specially designed container to lock the trapped flying insects in

·       Intelligent operation modes: OFF /AUTO/ON

       OFF: power off ;

AUTO: device automatically on at dark time only, off during daytime

ON: power on (device operating all the time)

·       Built-in sensor for device operating at AUTO mode

·       No poison, no chemicals, no refilling, no pollution

·       Easy installation, easy maintenance

·       Long life span of UV LED and high efficient fan up to 50,000 hours

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