Self-floating Multi-functional Divider Tank 42-MB01

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42-MB01 Self-floating Multi-functional Divider Tank       
M 80*70*110mm & L 100*70*130mm
1. Provide the Liverbearers, such as Guby , Killy fish to spawn.
Avoid the adult fish!|s attack and increase the rate of livability.
2. For Betta rearing and aggressive, injuried fish. For small fishes, shrimps, marine fishes rearing.
3. Self-floating and hang-on style design, exquisite.
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Name:Aluminum Alloy Refillable CO2 Cylinder 61-CO200/280 CO2 equipment Expert 61-AA11 Self-floating Multi-functional Divider Tank 42-MB01 Filter material  51-AA03 M/L Bioand magnesium 51-AA04 M/L Expert!|s Choice CO2 Bubble Counter 61-AA05 Nature Restorer  3AA-2503 Aquatic trimmer & multipurpose scraper :61-ST03(AB)