Auto Feeder R-65

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1.Remove the transparent food box at the back of the feeder by pulling it off the main body, while the direction of the arrow marked "up" must be pointed upwards.

2.There is a horizontal lever at the upper side of the transparent food container. Move it sideways to adjust the amount dispensed each feed.

3.Please remove the cover of the self-adhesive pad at the bottom of the main body, and fix the feeder above the tank. Make sure the exit of the food container on the back can dispense food properly into the tank.

4.Using the small, manual adjusting button at the upper part of the main body as a pinpoint, adjust the time being by rotating the knob at the center of the clock dial (rotate clockwise) until the correct time of the time being is properly leveled against the button.

5.Insert the pegs to the dial to set the time you would like to feed your fish.

6.If you wish to feed immediately, please turn the small, manual adjusting button at the upper part of the main body (counter clockwise) and the feeder shall dispense.

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