Alfa's UFO-aquarium products fish bowl

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fish bowl-Alfa's UFO-aquarium products
Product Details:
Model No:    Alfa's UFO
Brand Name:    EN

fish bowl-Alfa's UFO-aquarium products Product Description
Description: 1 Gallon mini modeling fish bowl
Material: Plastic(Recyclable)
Size: 11.81x11.81x9.85" (303025cm)
packing: 1 pc in Color Box/ 8 color boxes per carton
MOQ: 1150pcs
Others: color: pink, black, green

The interactive feeding device of UFO allows children to feed their aquatic friends and keep their interests!

The assortment packages inspire children to decorate their own tanks!

An Undersea Atlas educates kids different types of tropical fish and other fantastic sea animals!
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