ORANGIC NPK 7.9-0.3-02+Bio bacteria

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Contain organic rich nutrition suit for organic plant user
N: 7% K: 2% Organic matter: 70%
1. Various bacillus subtilis like phosphorus solubilizing bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, etc... And organic matter (hoof powder, amino acids, fish powder, seaweed extract, fulvic acid, etc...)
2. Can use with pesticide, extend the harvest and storages of period
3. Contain organic Trace element and organic hormone promoting crop of cell division
4. Eliminate the cropping obstacle
5. In Liquid form
1. Foliar spray with diluted 1:800 ~ 1000 of water
2. Soil: diluted with 100~300 of water
3. Duration: 10 days
    For the best solution please shake well before use
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