Fun car GC60

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Fun car with the most sensitive and safe steering system, when the trial run the appropriate body to tilt swing can be arbitrary turning effect, the unity of people and vehicles up to a perfect performance. Showing a more static sense of beauty, dynamic effects of downsizing. Use of physical scoliosis improved slightly stimulate the brain about balance, to prevent Parkinson's disease is the best sports equipment. Niuyaobaitun use of body heat to digest, sculpture is of thin curve to achieve the effect of fitness products small size, 350 W of high-powered, range 15 kilometers, carrying 120 kilograms, not the space-49 at the trunks, easy to carry . Modeling unique and subvert the traditional ride, men, women and children are appropriate. Can be in open parks, schools community appropriate exercises.

length: 92 cm
Height: 73 cm
Width: 56 cm
Motor: DC 24V 350W
Battery: 12V 10H 2
Front Wheel: 55mm 105mm 2(Solid births)
Back Wheel: 50mm 200mm 2(Solid births)
Brake System:  Rear-wheel drum exorcism
Net Weight: 23.5Kg
Angle of The Front Wheel Turning: 75℃
Mileage: 15 Km
The Highest Speed Of Kilometers per hour: 20 Km/h
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