5.75 Inch Training Cone (DCF-G15)

Brand: DQ
Model: DCF-G15
Size: 5.75 Inch (Height) x 30 cm (Diameter)
Price: N/A
Min quantity:
Deliver: In 30 days
Area: Taiwan Pingtung County
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2024-04-10 16:00
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- Pole could be put between two cones to become a hurdle
For use in fitness training, sports sgility training, soccer, football, tennis and etc.

Material: PE 

Size: 15cm H , 30cm Dia.

Code: DCF-G15         15cm (H) X 30cm (Dia.) 
           DCF-G15S30   30pcs/set w/12.5" Carrying Handle

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