Innovative One Watt High Power LED Headlight (KS-412)

model: KS-412
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Bicycle Lighting-Front Light (High Power)

This One Watt LED Flashlight can be carried around in your pocket, ideal for outdoor use. (KS-412)

*Impack resistant aluminium casing
*Push button with on/off function
*Energy efficient, only one AA battery is required
*Weather Resistant

 System : LED
  LED Type: 0.25  Watt Clear
  Number of LED : 1
  Dimension : 25 Dia. x 117 mm.
Weight : 40 g without batteries
  Battery :  1 AA
Battery Run Time :  30hrs in Steady mode
  Mounting : Handlebar
  Bracket Diameter : 31.8mm
Product Options: KS-411R with rechargeable function
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