Sell excellent performance for Piston pump

Brand: Propiston
model: Piston pump
Price: 200.00 USD/Unit
Min quantity: 100 Unit
Deliver: In 30 days
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Expiry: Long-term
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Variable Displacement-Sindle Pump
Pressure Compensator

The A series piston pumps are widely used in various machinery with hydraulic systems like plastic machine, shoe machine, CNC machine, etc. It is energy-efficient and low-noise.

Model Numbers: A10/A16/A22/A37/A56
Geometry Displacement cm3/rev ( 10.0(.610)/15.8(.964)/22.2(1.355)/36.9(2.25)/56.2(3.43)
Minimum Adj. Flow cm3/rev ( 2 (.122)/4 (.244)/6 (.366)/10 (.610)/12 (.732)
Operation Pres. MPa(PSI)
Rated 2: 16(2320)
Intermittent 1: 21(3050)
Shaft Speed Ranger/min
Max.: 1800
Min.: 600
Flange Mtg.: 5.1(11.2)/8.5(18.7)/16.5(36.4)/16.5(36.4)/28.0(61.7)/35.0(77.2)
Foot Mtg.: -- /18.7(42.1)/18.7(42.1)/32.3(71.2)/39.3(86.7)

1.Whenener setting pressure, make sure the full cut-off pressure never exceeds the maximum intermittent pressure.
2.Care should be taken in cases of used any a higher pressure than the rated pressure, because operating terms may be restricted. For example, if used as per maximum illustrated operating conditions, intermittent time at maximum flow is restricted to under 1/5 of one cycle time and under 6 seconds simultaneously. Conditions may vary according to the actual working pressure and delivery.

The specification of our Hydraulic Pumps and Valves is the same with Yuken's, but the price is more attractive. We have our own factory in Taiwan. Our product quality is better than those made in China.

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