Zacoo Maha III (BM12-ZC-5D09-S / BM12-ZC-5D09-GA)

model: BM12-ZC-5D09-S / BM12-ZC-5D09-GA
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Area: Taiwan Changhua County
Expiry: Long-term
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E- Version 5 Degree Floor Pump - Intermediate.
Design evolved from Birzman's premier 5 Degree floor pump design. 
1.Pump tilts towards the user providing unparalleled ergonomic comfort. 
2.Stable Aluminium Alloy base with High polished premium finish. 
3.Varnished wooded twin- handle for comfortable  grip.
4.CNC'd and super stiff pump barrel for durability/performance. 
5.220 psi max with Presta/Schrader compatibility
6.Color option: Silver and grey 
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