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Product description
BDH-2000 is the device of receiving unit in Utrainer system and also the USB type host for OEM/ODM customers who choose our company products, such as bike speed detectors, pedals rotating speed detectors, heartbeat value detection as message transmission components in their system. A personal computer installed with the “icocah” real-time intelligent coach software needs to be connected with BDH-2000 USB Dongle while practical used.
The icoach saves physiological information as numerical form, draws the diagram for analysis and offers real time alerts while training if necessary.

Item Name:2.4GHz Biosensor Dongle

Application:Psychological and physiological equipment 
                       ODM products
                       Paired with Lifevisa HRS-2200 chest belt

Features : 2.4GHz wireless Bio-data receiver (host)

Frequency:2.4GHz by Taiwan Biotronic transmission protocol

Power:5V USB plug

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