Magnetic Massage Acupuncture MT-MA1

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The Magnetic Tool for Acupuncture was made of Bio Rare Earth Magnets and Stainless Steel body. The N pole and S pole are located at both end with same gauss.

    * Description: Magnetic Massage Acupuncture
    * Material: Aluminum alloy body with neodymium magnets in the point & 12pcs of outside diameter 8mm anisotropic magnets.
    * Bar Size: Outside diameter 50mm (with beads of the front flat area) x length 143mm (The thin of bar: OD 25.00mm)
    * Color: Gold
    * Magnetic Strength: Around 6,000 gauss ± 5% on the point, and around 1,800 gauss ± 5% on the beads.
    * Weight: 300g/pc


(1.)  Massage the painful points. To release the aching muscles.

(2.)  Magnetic health care product is developed based on the theories of a great ancient Chinese medical invention: ACUPUNCTURE!

(3.)  Every living body exists within a magnetic field. The medical applications of magnetic force have been proved by clinical experiments as well as modern medical science.

(4.)  Adjust the human body static electricity and magnetic field.

(5.)  Besides, magnetic force improves blood circulation, increase blood oxygen and metabolism, release stiff neck, stiff back, stiff shoulder and muscle tension. Also helps reduce mental pressure and fatigue. Of course, magnetic force will make you feel more comfortable!

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