Polar Bear Misting Machine

Brand: Polar Bear
model: JH-68
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Deliver: In 7 days
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Expiry: Long-term
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  • Energy SavingHas exclusive patented design in 100% flash evaporation,
  • NO water waste during each time of use. Tradition type of misting machine
  • must drainage out the water from the pipes to achieve the function of the
  • pressure relief after each spraying. That usually causes a considerable waste
  • of water resources after a day use.
  • Filter System: Adopting a 5pm water filter, it can filter out impurities in the
  • water to reduce clogged nozzles.
  • Easy Installation:Adopting fast connections and free access of drainage.
  • Pressure Release:Equipping with a patented control system. After misting,
  • it will automatically release pressure from the pipes. Immediately no misting
  • from the nozzles when the pump stops. No leaking nozzles.
  • Timer Control With a conventional type of dual analog controller, it can
  • set exact intervals for misting and stopping by using the timer of minutes
  • and seconds. The timer can be adjusted depending on customer needs.
  • The minimum recommended is 15 seconds for misting and stopping.
  • Pressures Switch:The pump will automatically stop when the water
  • interrupted to avoid any damages to the machine.

Complete set including

  • 1 set of Misting Machine
  • 1 pc of 1/4" T-Type Pipe Connector + 1 pc of ball valve
  • 0.2mm Precision Stainless Fog Nozzles: JH-68: l2pcs ; JH-68H : 2opcs
  • 1/4" Single Nozzle Connector: JH-68: l2pcs ; JH-68H : 2opcs
  • 1/4" Nylon Tubes: JH-68: 25m; JH-68H : 50m
  • 1 pc of 1/4" End Plug
  • 1 pack of pipe fitting band
  • Screws/Nuts.

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Fogging Nozzle Polar Bear Misting Machine