SELL Automatic Tube Double END - Finishing M/C

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  This AUTOMATIC TUBE END-FINISHING MACHINE can be connected with tube mill (tube/pipe making machine).
“Can be customized according to demand” (by request)
The photos above specifications are for reference only according to the real product.
Chamfering devices moving controlled by servomotor.
Single end chamfering with a stopper on the other end to provide and ensure precise positioning.
Chamfer shafts controlled by invertor . It provides operator find out the Optimum rpm to cope with a variety of tube thickness.
Due to out put speed of tubes / pipes getting faster, thus improving this AUTOMATIC TUBE DOUBLE END-FINISHING
MACHINE. It provide both ends of each two chamfer heads ability to get speed faster of tubes/pipes output.
Price negotiable, please contact us for correct quotation.
Please visit our web site for more information: www (dot)far-easy (dot)com
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