Vibration Training machine

Brand: Zen Pro
model: TVR-8510E
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i-Shape® TVR-8510E is a whole body stretching equipment for itsunique rope web appearance. To combine the dual vibrating platformsand the intermediate vibration intensity makes it the only onestretching-vibrating machine on the earth. With reference of enclosedexercising poster, users just need to follow the built-in 66 differentstretching and training postures and gain the effect. Without turning onthe vibration motor, the _Pure Stretch_ function allows user to do thestretching by following the new colorful TFT touch panel'sdemonstration. i-Shape® TVR-8510E definitely is the best solution forprofessional user, commercial club/hotel and beauty salon. 
Class: Commercial 
Voltage: 120Vac / 60Hz_ 230Vac / 50Hz 
Frequency: 25HZ_50HZ 
Amplitude (MAX): Upper plate: 1.1 mm/ Lower plate: HIGH: 1.5mm_ LOW: 1.0mm 
KN Value (Force):Upper plate Motor: 720 N 
Lower plate Motor: HIGH: 1.5 KN_ LOW: 0.8KN 
Motor: Upper plate motor: AC 200W /Lower plate motor: AC 500W 
Console display: 7_ TFT 
Exercise Programs: 
※ Manual mode 
※ User mode: 10 sets 
※ Training programs: 
Pure Stretch (Upper Body, Trunk, Lower Body) 
Stretch (Upper Body, Trunk, Lower Body) 
Strength (Core Training, Lower Training) 
Dimension: (L)142cm x(W)125cm x(H)193cm/(L)55.9in. x(W)49.2in.x (H)76.1in. 
Max. User weight: 160 kg【350 lbs】 
Accessory: Standard: mat (30mm), poster 
Option: training guide, auxiliary material (Height Adjustment)、shake insulation 
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