Professional Butane Heat Gun

model: HG-300
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Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Expiry: Long-term
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HG-300 is the most portable high powered tool with following features: 
● Robust contemporary pistol cosmetic & ergonomic design grip. 
● The temperature of heat gun is 200℃~ 420℃ at a distance from heat-outlet of 2 cm.) 
● Flow adjustment for the flame is 5 ~ 6 cm. 
● Comes with the battery container with cover. 
● Long lasting for the temperature of heat gun is 420℃ at a distance from heat-outlet of 2cm. 
● Built-in two -stage switch. 
● Two colors for LED signal 
Applications: Paint Stripping, Tube Shrinking, PVC Forming, BBQ Grill Lighting, Thawing, H.D. Soldering Job, & De-Soldering.
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