Lagerstromia Indica

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trunk height 1.2m-3m, straight trunk, diameter size from 3cm-15cm, lager quantities and good quality, we have natural and grafted varieties.
Lagerstroemia indica is a kind of very cold hardy deciduous trees, frost tolerant, best for landscaping with its blooming flowers. we grow the lagerstroemia indica with trunk height 1.2-3m, which fit for the European standard and Turkey market standard. we have large in quantities with straight trunk in our North farm. besides Lagerstroemia indica, we also supply many other virescence trees with best standard such as Cercis chinensis Bunge, Hibiscus syriacus, Prunus cerasifera cv. Pissardii, Prunus serrulata,Ligstrum lucidum, Magnolia grandiflora and so on.
we sincerely welcome your visit to confirm the quality and quantities of products. and we are exporting many containers worldwide per year to cold climate area. for any other cold hardy plants, please visit our website or contact us.
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