High Frequency Amplification

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High frequency amplification: axiom and function
Utilizing the simplest high frequency motion axiom to exercise through the human body and reach the goal of body function activation.
I.                    Axiom:
Setting the frequency at 25Hz, high frequency exercise generates the pulse at 25 times per second.  The high frequency pulse will cause body reflex and circulates among legs, spine and the head.  And thus activates the whole body and its related functions.  The result of this axiom is the same as the results of taking exercises.  However, the goal of strengthening the body and its related functions is reached without spending much effort, but thru body reflex.  Such high frequency and high speed axiom is unbeatable by common exercise and making exercise a time-saver that is more effective with better results.
The sports training equipments currently available, each focuses on training and strengthening a certain part of the body or apparatus.  While the high frequency amplification exercise exerts high frequency and speed exercise axiom to the whole body and thus brings positive effect to the body functions and apparatus.  It is the exercise best suits the need of busy modern men.  High frequency amplification exercise runs 50 times per second.  Its power is not less than the power of 60-minutes’ jogging or 120-minutes’ walking.  However, the effectiveness of the high frequency amplification exercise is a lot higher then jogging or walking.  The high frequency amplification exercise will not cause common injuries like other exercises do, but it still reaches the goals and results of exercising.
II.                 Features
l          Multiple frequency selections: the users can choose the frequency that best suits personal needs and thus generates the best result of exercising.
l          Multiple mode settings: the users can choose from the available modes for the best comfort.
l          Multiple timer settings: the users can adjust the time of exercise that is most appropriate to his/her current body condition and thus maintain the best comfort of exercising.
l          Perfect combination of structures provides its users the options of exercising each part of the body as needed.  For example, focusing on legs, hips, wrest, chest, back or arms to reach the best effectiveness of exercising.
l          Control panel designed according to ergonomics enables the users’ easy and instant operation of the Exerciser.
l          Arched handrail: a design that brings comfort to the users when holding or leaning on the Exerciser.
l          With multiple frequency selections, mode settings and timer settings, the equipment is enabled to suit different user’s needs.  Thru different setting combinations, the users can reach the goal of activating body parts and functions as well as generate the results of exercising.
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