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MISTING FAN: WMF-10005-5C (70Bar, 38 Liter) COOLS & FRESHENS THE AIR! 1.Digital control panel with 24-hour programmable function. 2.Circuit breaker for electrical safety. 3.Strong 18” fan for 200 CBM/min output with 3-speed variable pitch. 4.Adjustable height up to 185 cm. 5.38 liter tank for continuous misting. 6.Tri-filter system: Filters at the tank, mist line and nozzles. 7.Wheel lock for greater safety and stability. 8.Hose connector inlet with float valve shutoff to prevent overflowing. MODEL WMF-10005-5C WMF-10005-6C WMF-10005-6C Motor 50HZ,Φ1,230V 60HZ,Φ1,110V 60HZ,Φ1,220V Efficiency of Fan (CBM/min;3 Switch) 160 / 174 / 192 165 / 180 / 200 165 / 180 / 200 Power Consumption 270W (125W pump, 145W Fan) Working Pressure(kgf/cm2) 70 (1000psi) Output(L/min) 0.28 (6 Nozzles) Tank(Liter) 38 Dimension(WxLxH/cm) 53X53X170~190 Weight(kgs) 40 Packaging(WxLxH/cm) 88X56X112 Minimum Order machine size Minimum Order machine size
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