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 Benefits: ------------- ● Totally balanced organic fertiliser.
‧A pH reading of 6.95 – 7.10. 
‧Improvements in soil fertility by enhancing biological activity.
‧Requires no further additives.
‧Increased moisture infiltration and retention.
‧Contains many strains of soil beneficial micro-organisms.
‧Release nutrients at the time of the plants greatest needs.
‧Provides many sources of plant nutrients.
‧Improvement of nutrient absorption.
‧Improves aeration, water penetration and water holding capacity.
‧Improve soil structure, texture and reduced wind and water erosion.
‧Humus holds over 5 times it’s own weight in water, so less watering.
‧The nutrients are in plant available form.
‧Reviving soil health.
‧Provides charged particles in plant available form.
‧Microbes assist the plant to access nitrogen in natural form.
‧Natural fertilizers are mainly non-leachable.
‧Improve crop quality and resistance to pests and diseases.
‧Very good humus organic matter content.
‧Reduces the requirement of artificial fertilizers completely.
‧Buffers the soil, protecting plants from high salt and pH levels.
‧Provides food for further microbe activity and worm populations.
‧Regulating soil pH readings (by improving it’s buffering capacity).
‧Very low aluminium and sodium content.
‧Promotion of exceptional growth in plants.
‧Increasing crop yields and quality.
‧Reduction of growing time to harvest.
‧Improves keeping quality and the shelf life of products produced.
‧Improvement to the protein and sugar levels.
‧Microbes attack the waxy coating on eggs laid by insects thus destroying them.
‧Microbes and enzymes improve soil vitality and production.
‧Increases root mass and growth rate.
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