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Hello and welcome to This is a website about ATV, Scooter and Motorcycle computers, we named it computer instead of speed meter, mile meter or odometer…etc. Because of the computer contains more than these meters. Acewell is a reliable manufacturer of ATV, Motorcycle and Scooter computers in Taiwan, Our core competition is mechanical and electronic integration, we design hardware, software and mechanism in house, it is a very important ability to make a small, solid and waterproof product such as motorcycle computers. A reliable ATV/Motorcycle/Scooter computer has 3 key points besides accuracy the basic request; there are noise immunity, anti-vibration and waterproof. The noise comes from ATV/Motorcycle』s sparking plug, and then goes through sensor wire into the main unit and interference the computer. Different Motorcycle/ATV has different interference intensity, in normal situation, you can try to put the sensor wire close to the sparking plug and check if the computer appears abnormal speed, a reliable computer shall not display abnormal speed. In case the Motorcycle/ATV has strong interference and all the computers be interfered, you can compare which one can closer to the sparking plug and does not display strange speed among different computers. Our design has an excellent result compare with other similar products. Vibration is the 2nd problem to be solved; off-road motorcycles/ATV has the biggest vibration than other vehicles, all parts shall be got united compactly each other and to ATV/Motorcycle. All our computers must be past 8G vibration and 100G mechanical shock tests to conform the request.

Very important ability to make a small, solid and waterproof product Waterproof is the 3rd key issue when come across to raining; a traditional mechanical line speed meter designed a small hole to release mist in case water went into the meter, however an electronic digital ATV/Motorcycle computer is not allowed such design otherwise it maybe out of order. The most difficult for waterproof is the ATV / Motorcycle computer has a cable stick out of the housing to connect power and signal wires, we designed an O-ring for a part to joint another part, our target is to design all our computers can be dipped into the water for days (except the connector parts), and we reach it. Attached please find the photo we took from the exhibition of 2004AMPA fair in Taipei. Our professional team will develop not only ATV/Motorcycle/Scooter computers, but also gauges for automobiles as well as other electronics parts. Our goal is to supply our customers with high quality products, affordable price and professional service. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our items and service, or develop long term mutual benefit relationship. Thanks for visiting us.
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