Gee Hoo Body Charger

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  • Company:Gee Hoo Industrial Corp. 吉赫實業有限公司
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  • Updated:2021-03-04
Brand Introduction
GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. was founded in 1979 as a responsibility-center corporation. Now this tradition has become the corporate identification of GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP.

In management, we not only emphasize on team operation but also on self-responsibility and perfection performance. In product, we insist on good quality and we are proud of being a qualify manufacturer as ISO9001, 2000 version approval and the Factory registration with SG mark has been granted by Japan SG (Consumer Product Safety Association) as well. Continuous innovation products have been gotten the worldwide patent and have enabled to supply more hi-end products to consumers.
In sales, we offer thoughtful services and endless improvement to satisfy the needs of all customers.

Therefore, responsibility and perfection performance have been our unchanged corporate philosophy.
Over the past 20years we have built up 4 brands involve all field of Fitness and Health Products and 5 affiliated business to cover manufacture, design, quality control, import / export trade and Fitness Club. For developing the hi-tech domains is a future goal of GEE HOO INDUSTRIAL CORP. 
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