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Brand Introduction
NANOO is the innovative entirely aluminum-made folding bicycle, which is able to fold in 10 seconds and it’s transportable on its own wheels.

Thanks to the architecture of the frame, you can easily transport it while it’s bent because, unlike what happens with the other models in the same category, there’s no need to lift the bike; you just have to let it flow with a hand on the handlebars. This characteristic makes the NANOO bike unique and allows it to be particularly functional to the daily movements. Indeed you have the possibility to carry it everywhere: apartment, office, market, restaurant,…without risking a theft.

Designed in co-operation between Italy and Taiwan it offers innovative solutions, optimal for the urban intermodality.

Thanks to its small size and its moderate weight – 12 Kg for the mechanical version and 16 Kg for the electric one- NANOO is easy to carry both on public means of transport such as train, subway and bus, both on cars, camping vans and boats.

The aluminum 12” rims with wide sectioned tires make it safe on every kind of ground and easy to drive like a comfortable city bike.

The handlebars and ergonomic saddle control makes NANOO an adaptable bicycle for different heights, from 140 cm to 200 cm and up to 110 Kg of payload. In addition it allows a comfortable and relaxed posture, which is particularly appreciable in urban movements or in free time ones.

Available even in the electric version with pedal assisted technology it covers a medium distance of 30 Km and allows to move easily and with minimum effort, thanks to its 7 speed gears that helps during climbing.

Available in many bold colours, NANOO rouses energy in the city and instills good cheer on vacation.

NANOO…think a better life! 
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