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Brand Introduction

Our purpose here at A-Pro is to lead a healthy lifestyle, bring happiness and hope to humankind. We give emphasis on innovative research and developed ideas to introduce new performance products as it is our top priority. As a result, we are committed to satisfy and provide a sense of pleasure when customers use our products. Most significantly our mission is to maintain a steady profit growth so that profits are rewarded to shareholders and employees.

Actively spreading health awareness; our vision it to become a well known athletic enterprise that provides premium recreational sports products. We advance with active momentum and passion with a vision to lead market and consumer trend. The use of cutting edge ideas has allowed consumers to experience first hand, the latest hi-tech concepts, models and features that A-Pro has to offer. Be (Become) a well known recreational sports enterprise in the bicycle industry. 

Company core value
Diligent and integrity 
Research and innovation
Determined and Persistent
Accentuated human value
Team work and honor 

Company quality policy
Follow Standard of Production
Strengthen Education
Quality Satisfiation
Creativity and Excellence 

A-PRO established in Tachia Town, Taiwan.
From May 1982 to January 1986, the main business was producing BMX frames, forks, CKD and completed bike assembly.

In May, A-PRO was reorganized due to the split of the shareholders. 
The company also began a 2-year process to transform the product lines form BMX frames and Miniscooters to MTB and Road racing frames. Investments in new equipment were made, and a new brazing line was also added.

A complete inter-office computer system and AutoCAD workstations were introduced and adapted by the company. MTB frame building commences, meeting demand for lightweight materials, improved function and design.

Beginning in March, an aluminum production was built and mass production of aluminum frames began in #7005 material. New equipment Heat Treatment began to use for production.

From June 1991 to October 1994, company expanded horizontally and vertically. 
The following sister companies were formed:
Aprebic fork company 1991.09
A-PRO Shenzhen frame & fork company 1993.10
A-PRO Kunshan frame & fork company 2002.08

From October 1994 to the following December, A-PRO carried on new materials development, including stainless steel and MMC frames. Also, A-PRO began the process of ISO certification during the same period.

A-PRO Taiwan start Full suspension frames production. 
A-PRO China(SZ factory) started mass production of aluminum frames.

Expanding USA and Japan markets in order to balance the orders in high season and low season. In the same year, A-PRO Taiwan passed ISO 9002 and began to use aluminum 6061 as well as Monocoque frame in production. Additionally, A-PRO purchased land in the Youth Industrial Zone for further expansion.

A-PRO started shock absorbers and e-bike research and development for the 
company’s long-term growth.

Atitude, Accepto and A-comp merged into A-PRO Taiwan. A new factory was completed in the Youth Industrial Zone. 
The shock division started a new brand, PRO SHCK.

A-PRO Taiwan new factory opened and all people moved into new one.
A-RO China(SZ factory) passed ISO 9002.

In August, A-PRO China moved to its current location, which occupies 50,000 square meters. 
In December, A-PRO China started its painting line.

By March of 2001 production levers of aluminum frames, steel frames, and forks had all risen to new highs. In addition, a new material, X-FUSION , Alpha tubing was introduced the Taipei bicycle show.
Currently, both A-PRO Taiwan and A-PRO China have been implementing TPS (Toyota Production System) into the production lines. This is to reduce inventory of semi-products and cut lead times. Moreover, it will enhance internal logistic control of the production process. Q-TEE/minima Scooter 
is in Production.
A shock assembly line was built, and a new shock brand, X-FUSION was introduced. Its first service center was also established in Europe.

A-PRO SZ factory was ISO 9001 approved.

A-PRO Taiwan got IS9001 (2000 vision) certification. 
A-PRO started fitness business, production base in Taiwan and Kuanshan. 
Golf cart in production; settled Product Developing Center to design new products.
Rear Shock, X-FUSION brand, started business in USA and established service center.

A-PRO Kuanshan built Painting shop. Also New Department Life Technology Department 
for Fitness goes on production in KS.
A-PRO Taiwan started to assemble holding bike and special completely bike.

Invested new company, C6, carbon factory to produce carbon fibber products for both Taiwan and China Shenzhen. 
A-PRO Taiwan created new brand, ORI, for holding bike.

A-PRO Shen Zhen moved all steel frame prodution to KunShan factory.

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