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  • Updated:2020-11-19
Brand Introduction
 Chung Cheng Scissors Co. is located in Taiwan’s central county of Chung Hua.  Since 1958, Chung Cheng has been a professional manufacturer of scissors for fabric. The founder is Mr. Liu, has been devoted to the shears industry. Gaining on his experience of fabric scissors, Mr. Liu begun developing more professional grade garden tools.
Over fifty years of experience in garden shears  industry, they have developed many unique and innovative designs. They also have been awarded many patents in Taiwan and internationality.
Per the past working experience and more than forty employees’ efforts, the company provides a wide range and good quality of garden cutting tools, such as, fruit pruner, garden shears, flower shears, loppers, telescopic long reach pruner, long arm grass shears and multi-function snips. They also make outstanding shears by ODM for some famous worldwide garden companies.
Currently Chung Cheng Scissors Co. tries to develop new relative garden tools and more durable garden shears. They value customer’s business and will supply continually good products in the future.
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