Yah Yi Da Co., Ltd.

  • Brand Name:Yah Yi Da Co., Ltd.
  • Company:Yah Yi Da Co., Ltd. 亞易達有限公司
  • Websitehttps://www.ysdmotor.com/
  • Area:TaiwanTainan City
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  • Updated:2021-03-04
Brand Introduction
 Tapping our passion for performance motorbike accessories as well as experience and know-how, we set up Yah Shr Da Enterprise Co., Ltd. and the same house brand in August 2003. 

We first developed a fuel filter and LED directional signal for universal applications and successfully won customers’ favor. 

Later, we developed motorcycle/scooter CVT weight rollers and brake switches. 

Apart from the four aforementioned products, we focus on developing advanced electronic motorcycle/scooter lights and performance-tuning accessories.
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