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  • Updated:2021-03-04
Brand Introduction
Chinfulong is an OEM/ODM manufacturer of cushion, and it is experienced at cushion manufacturing for more than 40 years. Chinfulong is established since 17 years ago. From producing the cushion for pedicabtricycle, till now Chinfulong is the professional generator for cushion of motor, ATV, elderly scooter, and real-leather cushion for Harley Davidson.

The company equipment includes puncher, foaming machine, vacuum forming machine, PVC cutting machine, and sewing machine.

80% of the parts are completed in the factory of Chinfulong. And Chinfulong is reliable due to the good quality, well controlled of on-time delivery. Besides, the comprehensive manufacturing equipment, the R&D department do customized products which is more suitable for customers’ need.  
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