• Brand Name:G-Hose
  • Company:Cheng Victory Co., Ltd. 丞穩實業有限公司
  • Websitehttp://chengvictory.imb2b.com/
  • Area:TaiwanTaichung City
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  • Updated:2020-09-01
Brand Introduction
Cheng Victory Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, specializes in making gardening products, water hoses, car-washing brushes etc. Manufacturing in Taiwan and selling globally, we develop three to five new products annually to meet ever-changing demand.

Our lightweight, easily storable water hoses are of special materials in 25~75 foot lengths that are SGS-certified to resist water pressure up to 100~150psi for durability without bursting or overflow, whose reel is patented in the USA, Taiwan and China.

With monthly production capacity of some 100,000 water hoses, we also produce 100,000 monthly water guns, sprayers, timers etc. for gardening.

Exporting over 90% of output globally, we handle mainly OEM and ODM, with annual revenue of US$500,000~1,000,000. Our practical, durable products are sold at reasonable prices with excellent after-sales service to fully satisfy customers. Contact us for more information.  
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