Portable Power Sprayer AJT-438M
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Model: AJT-438M
Price: Negotiable
Min.Order: N/A
Supply Amount: N/A
Delivery: Shipment within days since the date of payment
Place of origin: Taiwan Taichung City
Valid until: Never Expire
Updated on: 2020-08-04 11:39
Area: Taiwan Taichung City
Pump: Horizontal gear-driving type
Plunger: 1 unit (two-way operation)
Cylinder: 2 units
Dia. of plunger: 18mm
Stroke: 9mm
Spraying volume: 8.5 liter/min
Pressure: 35-40 kg/cm2
Engine: Taiwan (AJT-43)
Horsepower: 2 HP
Air consumption: 43 c.c.
Length of hose: 20m-100m
Mixing ratio of fuel: 25:1
L x W x H: 52 x 34 x 34 (cm)
Weight: 17.9kg 
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