Backpack/Schoolbag Cooling Pad SB363007

Brand: Natural Wind
Model: SB363007
Specifications: 36cm*30cm*0.7cm
Color: silver frame, blue frame, red frame
Price: N/A
Min quantity: 1000 piece
Quantity: 10000 piece
Deliver: In 60 days
Area: Taiwan Yunlin County
Expiry: Long-term
Edit time: 2024-02-23 09:04
Hits: 168
 DIY convenient multi-purpose can be used as a schoolbag/backpack air cushion, cushion, cushion, laptop cooling pad…one pad for multiple purposes
1. Patented 3D honeycomb super-stressed weaving structure, shock-absorbing and heavy-duty, not sitting flat, heat insulation, ventilation and ventilation, visible!
2. Mountaineer backpacks or schoolbags for students, due to the lack of effective ventilation and heat dissipation design, long-time wearing, resulting in back sultry and sweating and unventilated pain. Using this heat dissipation pad can improve the back, not sweating, not wet and sticky. Keep your back cool and breathable without being stuffy!
3. The sewn hemming is meticulous, not easy to damage, and durable! Equipped with 2 rope straps and 3 fixed buckles, you can wear various school bags or backpacks by yourself.
4. Washable and quick-drying, antibacterial, deodorant and moisture removal, breathable and heat insulation, reduce the obstacles of wet and sweat spots! Durable! Change at any time according to your needs!
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